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How To Spa

how to spa


What do I need to bring?

We will provide you with a robe, slippers and a locker for your personal belongings. ( please do not bring jewelry and other valuables)

Do I have to disrobe entirely for a spa treatment?

The spa offers robes and slippers for you to change into upon your arrival. The therapist will only undrape the area is being worked on. Please remember, to undress to the level you are comfortable with. Above all, we want you to relax and enjoy your day at the spa.

What are the benefits of massage?

• Eliminate stress, tension and worry
• Increase relaxation and positive mental attitude
• Relieve muscle aches and pains
• Improve blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to your body's organs and tissues
• Improve lymphatic circulation, helping your body to eliminate toxins and waste
• Fight the effects of aging by improving the tone and elasticity of tissue and muscles
• Provide the positive powers of touch to soothe your mind, body, and spirit!

How much talking will I have to do when I have my service?

You should communicate your comfort-level during your service, but added conversation with your spa professional is at your discretion.

Should I let my therapist know if I have a medical condition, allergy or disability?

Yes. We request that all clients fill out a questionnaire that will ask for all the necessary information. Please make sure that you document and conditions that you may have.

Will I break out after a facial?

Breakouts rarely occur unless your skin is congested with blackheads or whiteheads underneath your skin. If this is the circumstance, you might experience some breakouts, nevertheless, be assured they won’t last for long.

How often should I have a facial?

We recommend a facial every 4-6 weeks; by means of this frequency we monitor your skin throughout the seasons and help you maintain a healthy and glowing complexion. However, if you are experiencing high stress or menopause your skin can be unpredictable and breakout; your esthetician may recommend more frequent visits until the problem is under control.

Can I wear make-up to the Spa to receive skin services?

Yes. We will be glad to remove your make-up for you with any skin care service.

How often should I get waxed?

Every person's hair growth is different and depends on a range of factors like age, season, and heredity. We recommend once every 3 to 6 weeks depending on the length and quantity of hair. Ideally the hair should be between 1/8th of an inch and 1/4th of an inch long.

How should I take care of my skin before and after waxing?

Do not go into the sun for 24 hours before or after getting waxed, because it leaves you more vulnerable to burns and hyper pigmentation. (Sunning includes tanning bed use)
Do not get waxed if you are using any glycolic acid, acutane, retin-a, or anything that can alter your skins natural balance.
Do not aggressively exfoliate the areas to be waxed for 24 hours before or after being waxed. This means that you should not receive exfoliating body treatments during this time.
Do not use anything on your skin that contains perfumes or artificial colors after waxing.
Do not use body lotion before being waxed (it prevents the wax from adhering to the hair)

How often should I have a massage?

Studies have proven the many health benefits of massage from stress reduction to increased circulation and detoxification. The frequency of massage is very specific to each person, as some might have to receive a massage twice per week for back pain, or once per month for relaxation and health benefits. Your therapist will best inform you of your recommended frequency.

How should I take care of my body after receiving a massage?

Alcohol is not recommended immediately before or after massage. It is recommended to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water after getting a massage to release toxins residing in muscle tissue.

I'm pregnant, can I experience a massage?

We do not recommend that you receive a massage during your first trimester of your pregnancy. We will not perform during this fragile period unless you have a doctor’s note, letting the therapist know that it has been okayed by a medical professional. Your Spa professional has been trained to deliver your services safely. With this in mind, essential oils are avoided as are points of stimulation which are known to relate to the uterus.