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Indulge Massage

Relax from head to toe with our signature massage, designed to relieve stress and replenish the body. This massage is performed using long, light pressure strokes. To elevate your senses, choose to incorporate our complimentary aromatherapy oil.

30 minutes - $50   |   60 minutes - $75   |   90 minutes - $95

Renew Massage

This full body massage focuses on alleviating tight muscles, body tension, chronic strain and aches. This massage is performed using deep pressure on targeted areas.

30 minutes - $55   |   60 minutes - $85   |   90 minutes - $105

Pregnancy Pamper

Our trained professionals will nurture your body as you nurture your unborn baby. This massage is designed to reduce back, hip and leg pains, as well as overall fatigue. We now offer the Prego Pillow, use will be determined by your therapist.

60 minutes - $80   |   90 minutes - $105

The Goddess

A treatment designed by our client, this is sure to delight. A full-body massage with hot stones used to massage your back. We finish with aromatherapy, face and neck massage. An indulgent treatment.

90 minutes - $110

Muscle Meltdown

This massage uses smooth hot stones to loosen muscles, melt away tension and joint pain. The therapeutic heat in combination with aromatherapy creates a sense of tranquility for the mind and the body. Pressure can be adjusted to your specific needs.

60 minutes - $95   |   90 minutes - $115

Nirvana Massage

“Nirvana” refers to the imperturbable stillness of mind. In Hindu philosophy, it is the union with the divine ground of existence the Supreme Being and the experience of blissful egolessness. Stop thinking and allow yourself to feel bliss as we use bamboo to massage your muscles, calm your senses and release muscle fascia.

60 minutes - $85   |   90 minutes - $110

Hydro Elation

This treatment will elevate your senses and take all your worries away. First we massage our therapeutic blend of rosemary and sage energizing oils into your muscles in a deep tissue massage, then we apply clinical grade heat steam packs and perform compressions. Embrace your ultimate state of relaxation.

60 minutes - $85   |   90 minutes - $110

Rendezvous Massage

Share the experience of bliss with someone special in your life — your spouse, best friend or family member. Rendezvous is a great bonding experience and a way to strengthen your relationship. Two therapists will provide simultaneous massage in a suite for two.

60 minutes - $160 ($80/person)   |   90 minutes - $200 ($100/person)

Renew Rendezvous Massage

Upgrade to a deep tissue massage (additional per person).

60 minutes - $10   |   90 minutes - $15

Rain Shower - $20

Experience the sensation of soothing water from our rain shower with this add on to any of our massage services.

Indulge Gift Cards

An Indulge Spa Gift Card is the perfect for that special someone. Choose any denomination, the gift card is good for any of Indulge Spa's services and products.

GIFT CARD POLICY: Gift certificates are available for any dollar amount you choose and can be used for either services or retail purchases. After 1 year, a post-sale fee against the card balance will apply. Card value expires 5 years from purchase date.

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